Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the mission of Tiles99 ?

To solve billion-dollar problems of the ceramic & tile industry and multiply the growth of its users globally.

Why should I choose you when I can Find Tiles and post free with other B2B app?

Because it’s specially designed for only Tiles and Ceramic industries, and with help of our app there will be no bars for doing business with specific location with tiles wale you can do business worldwide.

Is site and app Secure?

The Site and app are very secure and for more you can check our privacy policy.

how do I change my account details?

You can go to the profile section and by clicking on edit button you can edit your account details.

What will I get after listing my business?

As soon as your business is listed, we take charge to boost your online presence. We employ several marketing tactics so that B2B buyers searching for your product or service find you immediately. As a result, you will get a prominent place in search engine pages and will receive product inquiries and sales opportunities.

From where to do product posting?

Tiles wale Dont Allow Users To Post a product to our platform, but you can create the post and requirement regarding the products.